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The attorneys at The Sargoy Law Firm , in Los Angeles, bring decades of experience in employment law and business litigation.

We bring to our legal practice extensive knowledge of the law and the California state and federal court systems. Our experience tells us which legal strategies are likely to succeed and which are likely to cost our clients unnecessary time and expense. This is one reason we have established a proven record of success in achieving favorable, cost-effective results.

Providing Employment Law Solutions

We represent both employers and employees in a broad range of employment law matters. Our wide-ranging litigation experience in this area of law allows us to view a dispute from both sides. Whether the case involves a wage dispute, a claim of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, or other employment law matters, we are prepared to help.

Business Litigation Results

If you face a business dispute in California, our law firm can provide you with the sound advice and strong advocacy you need. We have extensive litigation experience and a track record of achieving results in and out of court.

Combatting Elder Abuse

California recognizes that elderly adults, aged 65 or older, are a particularly vulnerable population susceptible to physical abuse, neglect, and financial abuse. Physical elder abuse or neglect may occur in a nursing home, hospital, with home care, at an independent living center, or other types of setting.

Probate Administration, Trust Administration And Related Litigation

Probate administration (probate) is the legal court process that must occur when a person dies with assets and a will (known as testate) or without a will (intestate). It is primarily governed by state law known as the Uniform Probate Code. It ranges from the simple to the complex, depending on the value and type of assets involved. Often, but not always, it involves a court process that requires the filing of a will and petition to the court, notices, and a variety of legal proceedings supervised by the superior court in the county where the decedent resided.

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