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An employee lawsuit calls for swift attention from an experienced employment litigation attorney. By delaying, you are placing significant business assets at risk. At The Sargoy Law Firm, our lawyers provide strong, aggressive legal representation to California businesses defending against employment law claims.

Our approach at The Sargoy Law Office, in Los Angeles, is proactive and detail-oriented. We meet promptly with defendant employers, analyzing the legal and factual aspects of the employee’s complaint and exploring all defenses to the employee’s claims. Having represented employers and employees successfully, we understand both sides of employment lawsuits.

Understanding The Approach To Take In Employment Cases

By providing longtime representation for employers, we are well-versed in effective defense strategies against employee lawsuits alleging wage and overtime claims, harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, whistleblower retaliation, breach of contract and other workplace violations.

Through effective guidance and counseling and prelitigation planning, we seek to end employment disputes quickly and efficiently, sparing our clients the cost of drawn-out litigation.

Our attorneys know the law and can help you understand the strength of the plaintiff’s case against you. When the employee’s case is weak, we will seek summary judgment or summary adjudication to end the case as promptly as possible. When the employee has a stronger case, we work to mitigate the damage.

In every case, we provide our clients with close, personal attention throughout the legal process.

Lawyers Protecting Employers’ Rights

If you face an employment law dispute in California, we are here to protect your business’s interests. Contact our law office today online or by telephone at 310-208-1003.